Our Environment Priority

Seedling Bank

The seedling banks Project aims to propagate tree seedlings across various regions to support and promote tree planting exercises and also to donate to like-minded initiatives in order to ensure a greener and safer environment.


Eco-Sustainers inculcates the zeal for nature and environmental conservation and the need to promote on environmental sustainability and forestry in children and youths via the inclusion of this knowledge in their academic curriculum.

Capacity Building

The initiative is concerned with the enlightenment of young minds and rural communities on the need to be nature and environmental conscious, the need to ensure sustainability, the need to protect and conserve our natural resources.

Call To Action

Let’s always remember “sustainability for future development.”

At ECO Sustainers our environment is our priority. We envision a world where everyone will be active participants in climate change mitigation. Our message is Instilling the importance of the environment to everyone using an intergenerational approach to tackle the global climate crisis, not just for this present generation but for future generations.

Come join a team of youngsters committed to the environment and laying a foundation for the future generation.

Team Work, Works Best