In Times like this,Actions and Solutions to Climate Change.

The phrase above is used in reference to current times and situations. It is to this end I picked up my pen to write on solutions to climate change. In my last series. I wrote on” Contributions of Human Activities to Climate Change”. But in times like this when the effect of Climate change on human health and the environment is devastating and is affecting virtually our way of life. We need to rise up and propound way out of this menace, i will be highlighting some points. But before I do, let me share a little experience. I remember in the year 2020 when I was posted to the North to serve my Father land, the weather was so harsh (very hot) to an extent that, you can drink close to a bag of sachet water per day and you will hardly urinate. Why do I need to share this, it because, I observed that, there are scarcity of trees which makes it more severe. The trees that are supposed to make everything cool are not there. In times like this, we need to rise up to the challenge. Here are the suggested few solutions to Climate change.

1. Stopping illegal felling of trees
Illegal felling of trees should be discouraged by government using forest policies to restrict those giving concessions to fell trees that are of harvestable diameter and use strict sanctions on poachers and violators.

2. Massive tree planting program
Massive tree planting should be carried out at both rural and urban centers, this action will help regulate, control and absorb dangerous gases released into the atmosphere by companies.

3. Giving priority to growth of low emission Technologies
According to climate solutions, The WWF vision for 2050. They stated and I quote “The pursuit of full range of technologies such as wind, hydro, solar PV, thermal and bio-energy is important. This is to further avoid further increase in carbon emission which is at 10.2GT annually”. I agreed with the submission because, it will help reduce drastically the risk of emitting dangerous gases into the atmosphere.

4. Carbon capture and storage (CCS)
Carbon capture storage should be installed in fossil fuel plant; this is to help us stay within the carbon emission budgets.

The damage is done already to our environment and will still go on, not until necessary actions are taken by everybody. IN TIMES LIKE THIS, BE PART OF THE SOLUTION TO SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT.

Article by Lasisi Tobiloba

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